AO Smith Water Heaters

AO Smith

AO Smith is one of the world leaders in manufacturing various appliances and devices for water heating and treatment. In addition to water heaters and boilers, the company also offers water filters, softeners, gas tanks, heat pumps, accessories, and spare parts (which can be all bought online and through one of the distribution offices operating globally, in over sixty countries).

This company produces both commercial & residential models of water heaters, as well as another assortment of all kinds of built (compact, with a tank, plus tankless) and by fuel type (gas, electric, and hybrid).

The company was founded in Milwaukee, the US, in 1874 (so, in 2024, AO Smith proudly celebrates its 150 anniversary). Milwaukee is where this manufacturer currently has the main office, with production facilities located in eight countries (in North America, Europe, and Asia).

It is a pretty big company in structure, employing over 12 thousand people across the globe and being listed on the NYSE stock exchange.

It also owns a wide list of brands, such as WaterCare, U.S. Craftmaster, State Water Heaters, Reliance Water Heaters, Mineral Right, Lochinvar, John Wood, Hague, and others.

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