Black and Decker Water Heaters

Black and Decker

The company is named after the surnames of two aspired men who started a machine shop business in Baltimore, US, back in 1910. They were primarily oriented at commercial and professional clients — this profile of the company has been vivid throughout its entire history. One of the best-known products of Black and Decker in the 20th century was drills, a millionth piece of which was sold in 1951. Nevertheless, their home products are also fabulous in every aspect: reliability, quality, operation power, and the lack of necessity of draining one’s pockets are their hallmarks.

The models of water heaters that the company offers today include commercial and house ones. The latter subdivide into models for an entire house and ones for points of use (hence, hot water heaters are different in power: 11 kW and below for points of use and 18 kW and above for entire houses, up to 36 kW). In this segment of the company’s business, Black and Decker offers electric water heaters that come with or without a tank. The units can be installed on a wall or closer to an output tap, depending on the model.

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