Bosch Water Heaters


It’s absolutely impossible to believe that a modern man living in a developed country has never heard of a company named Bosch. It was founded and still is headquartered in Germany (since 1886). The main sectors of the modern company’s activity are hardware and software for industrial consumers, builders, energy companies, consumer goods, and the mobility industry. It produces nearly everything in the appliances, equipment, and automotive industries, and it’s currently the biggest in the world company in these sectors by revenue (over 70 billion Euros in 2021). No wonder it should have a staggering number of employees (over 420,000), which is even more than the population of many countries in the world! Actually, over 60 countries and dependencies in the world have a population of less than 420,000 people in 2023.

So, now as you’re astonished by the impressive size of that company, it’s time to overview its models of water heaters. For households, they produce tankless and tank-based models that work on gas and electricity (there are no hybrids as of the time being). For commercial consumers, Bosch makes electric tankless and tank-based models, as well as gas-based tankless models. Their products are made to have up to 98% efficiency rate, which is very impressive.

Models List