Broan HRVH100S Advanced

Broan HRVH100S Advanced

The Broan HRVH100S Advance series water heater is a reliable and efficient solution for residential water heating needs. With a gas-powered liquid propane system, it provides a constant supply of hot water with a 2.5-gallon capacity. The sleek white color and rectangular shape make it an attractive addition to any indoor installation.

This water heater operates at a power of 1440 Watts and weighs 53.85 lbs, ensuring easy installation and maintenance. It offers a wide temperature range of 98 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing users to select their desired water temperature for maximum comfort.

Made of durable steel, this water heater can withstand residential usage with ease. It has a maximum water pressure of 151 psi and a minimum water pressure of 16 psi, ensuring consistent water flow. The 2.5 gallons per minute and 3.41 gallons per minute water flow rates provide ample hot water for daily needs.

Featuring an energy-efficient design, this water heater has received the Energy Star certification, guaranteeing reduced energy consumption and cost savings. With an ignition type of 2 D batteries, it ensures hassle-free startup.

The top water connection location and 1/2 NPT inch water connection size enable easy installation and compatibility with existing plumbing systems. The 0.75" water connection and 3/4" NPT gas connection contribute to a seamless setup process.

The tankless design of this water heater eliminates the need for space-consuming storage tanks, making it an ideal choice for households with limited space. With a maximum temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit, it provides safe and comfortable hot water for various applications.

Overall, the Broan HRVH100S Advance series water heater combines efficiency, durability, and convenience to deliver a reliable hot water solution for residential use.