Burnham Water Heaters


The U.S. Boiler Company (which is the owner of the trademark Burnham) calls itself a leader in hydronic-heating solutions. It has an extensive range of high-efficiency products, including water heaters of various makes and models for clients of household and industrial areas. The company has always been focused on innovation, introducing advanced gas and oil-fired boilers, including ENERGY STAR-certified models, such as three-pass cast iron boilers, or steam boilers. The atmospheric gas boiler models boast 85% AFUE, while some models of condensing boilers show over 95% efficiency.

Commercial users with high capacities might need Burnham’s boilers made of steel or cast iron, as well as specialty models. All users, including household ones, are able to select a product type based on their preferences in the type of fuel (gas/oil), water/steam kind of model, and output parameters.

The manufacturing facilities are located in Pennsylvania and Ohio, where water heaters and other products are produced with supreme quality control. So, if you truly want to buy something that proudly carries the mark ‘Made in America’, then your choice is the U.S. Boiler Company.

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