Coleman Water Heaters


Coleman is an American company, which sells its products globally, having sales representatives in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The business of the firm is focused on outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, kayaking, etc., all of which need various products that are portable, lightweight, and effective. Interesting fact: in WWII, soldiers parachuted into Europe with camping stoves by Coleman in their backpacks.

The first ever product of Coleman was a gas-powered lantern, which shone in the darkness of swampy Mississippi. Other gas-powered products followed in the upcoming decades. And in 1950, the company started producing cooling and freezing equipment.

Today, in addition to portable and compact tankless water heaters, working on gas, which is convenient for water heating in outdoor activities, Coleman produces other outdoor essentials, like tents, canopies, shelters, blankets, sleeping bags, camp furniture, aero beds, coolers, lunch boxes, water carriers, lanterns, headlamps, battery and solar lights, grills, stoves, and other camping items.

The high quality of the company’s products made it recognizable in many parts of the world.

Models List

HWOD H2Oasis Series