Eccotemp Water Heaters


When you’re looking for hot water heaters that can work on electricity, gas, or hybrid fuel, in a large variety of options, consider the Eccotemp Company. Eccotemp offers such portable and stationary models:

  • • For households and commercial usage
  • • With the water flow from 1.5 GPM to 7 GPM
  • • Tank capacities from 2.5 to 7 gallons and also tankless models
  • • Working on electricity, natural gas, liquid propane, and multi-fuel
  • • With indoor and outdoor installation options.

As for the price of water heaters by Eccotemp, it varies from $135 to $700, which is better than the market prices for a large variety of water heaters from other manufacturers. To make their products even more appealing, Eccotemp offers a mobile app for a range of water heaters so as to make it possible to control their operation through the smartphone, which is of special usefulness when a client is out of town.

Hot water heater appliances are the main direction of business of the Eccotemp Company. It does not manufacture anything else but spare parts and accessories for water heaters, which is why Eccotemp is highly estimated by clients who cherish such focused companies.

EL22 Series

EM Series

i12 Series