Eemax HA008240

Eemax HA008240

The Eemax HA008240 electric water heater is a reliable and efficient choice for residential use. With a white color and sleek square shape, it seamlessly blends into any indoor installation. This water heater has a large 55-gallon capacity and a powerful 24000 Watts, ensuring a steady supply of hot water.

With a temperature range of 85°F to 140°F, you can easily adjust the water to your preferred level of warmth. It can handle a maximum water pressure of 150 PSI and requires a minimum of 15 PSI. Made of durable steel, this water heater is built to last.

The Eemax HA008240 has a high flow rate of 14.5 gallons per minute, making it perfect for households with multiple bathrooms or high hot water demand. The electronic ignition ignition type provides a hassle-free start-up, while the top water connection location allows for easy installation.

This water heater has a maximum temperature of 96°F and comes with a 1/2-inch water connection size. It also features a 3/4-inch water connection and 3/4-inch gas connection for added convenience.

The Eemax HA008240 is Energy Star certified, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings. With a first-hour rating of 67 gallons and a maximum flow rate of 8 GPM, it can meet the hot water needs of a large household.