The GE GE40T08BAM water heater is an electric water heater designed for residential usage. With its 40-gallon capacity, it can provide ample hot water for everyday household needs. The gray color and steel construction give it a modern and durable appearance.

With a power output of 1300 Watts, this water heater is able to heat water efficiently and quickly, and it can withstand pressures up to 151 psi. The temperature range of 98 - 140 degrees Fahrenheit allows for customizable hot water settings based on personal preference.

The ignition type is 2 D batteries, ensuring reliable and convenient operation. The bottom water connection location allows for easy installation in indoor spaces, and the weight of 139.00 lbs ensures stability and durability.

The GE GE40T08BAM water heater has a 1/2" NPT inch water connection size and a 3/4" water connection, making it compatible with standard plumbing fittings. The rectangle shape and compact design allow for easy installation in various spaces.

With a first hour rating of 93 gallons, this water heater is capable of providing a large volume of hot water in a short time. Whether for showers, laundry, or other household needs, the GE GE40T08BAM water heater is a reliable and efficient choice.