Honeywell Water Heater Controllers


The Honeywell Company has one of the sweetest names in the corporate sector. But it is not connected to honey or wells full of honey — it is the name of its founder, Mark C. Honeywell. The company is headquartered today in Charlotte, California, US, although it was founded in Indiana in 1906.

The original business of the Honeywell Company after its founding day was manufacturing mercury seal generators (today known as Honeywell heat generators, a part of boiler heating systems, which are today considered old and obsolete). The company grew into other areas of business and as it did, it entered into the main part of its history full of mergers and acquisitions. Thanks to that, Honeywell started to produce not only water heaters but also a lot of other appliances, devices, and equipment for various needs, spanning hundreds of directions, including autopilot control panels, photo cameras, thermostats, information systems, aerospace, home building and controls, cockpits of aircraft, and much more. Thanks to an active M&A path of the company and its stable commercial growth, the company managed to become what it is today: an international conglomerate of hundreds of directions of production and businesses, making over 5 billion USD in annual net profit and employing over 100,000 people worldwide. It is one of the most active companies in M&A activity on our planet: over the course of its history, it acquired over 100 other companies.

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