InSinkErator Water Heaters


The name of the company InSinkErator may seem odd to many at first glance. But that’s until they find out an interesting fact about that company’s founder. Architect John W. Hammes was an inventor of an in-sink disposal of solid food waste (to help his wife with daily chores), which is a part of nearly every modern Northern American home today. It was a convenient solution for hundreds of millions of people, which, unfortunately, lacks wide spreading in the rest of the world. No wonder that the company must have had the in-sink design concept in its name, praising its most acclaimed invention. The InSinkErator per se is a play on the word incinerator, referring to the device that incinerates (but factually, disintegrates) garbage and is effectively located inside the sink. Mr. Hammes spent over a decade improving his design before going into manufacturing and selling his brainchild to, as we know it today, a huge success.

Models of water heaters by InSinkErator include water tanks that heat water and are combined with faucets to dispense hot water.

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