Marey GA10FNG

Marey GA10FNG

and compact design.

The Marey GA10FNG water heater is an efficient and reliable option for residential use. Powered by natural gas and offering a 3.85-gallon capacity, this water heater provides consistent hot water for your household needs. Its white color and sleek rectangle shape make it an attractive addition to any indoor space.

With a 12000 Watt power output and a temperature range of 98 - 140 degrees F, this water heater ensures hot water at your desired temperature. It has a maximum water pressure of 151 psi and a minimum of 16 psi, ensuring a steady flow of water. Made of durable steel, it is built to last and withstand the demands of everyday use.

With a flow rate of 3.41 gallons per minute, the Marey GA10FNG water heater delivers a constant supply of hot water. The 2 D Batteries ignition type provides a reliable and convenient start-up process. The bottom water connection location allows for easy installation and connection to your existing water system.

This tankless water heater weighs just 22.05 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to handle during installation. Its compact design further enhances its versatility, allowing for installation in small spaces. The 1/2 inch water connection size and 3/4" NPT gas connection ensure compatibility with most residential plumbing systems.

Overall, the Marey GA10FNG water heater combines efficiency, reliability, and convenience in a compact and attractive package. Whether for a small apartment or a larger home, this water heater is sure to meet your hot water needs.