The Marey GA20CSANG water heater is a reliable and efficient option for residential use. With a 30-gallon capacity and a gray color, it can easily fit in any indoor installation. Weighing just 45.30 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to handle. This water heater operates using natural gas and has a power output of 1300 Watts.

Featuring a temperature range of 98 - 140 Degrees F, it provides hot water tailored to your needs. With a maximum water pressure of 151 psi and a minimum pressure of 16 PSI, it guarantees reliable performance. The water heater is made of sturdy steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

The Marey GA20CSANG water heater has a water flow rate of 6.87 gallons per minute, making it suitable for multiple domestic applications. It features an automatic pulse ignition system for easy and hassle-free operation. The bottom water connection location ensures convenient installation and maintenance.

With a maximum temperature of 158?, it delivers hot water quickly. The 3/4" NPT inch water connection size and 1-1/2" water connection make it compatible with standard plumbing fixtures. Its rectangle shape allows for easy installation in tight spaces.

This tankless water heater has a first-hour rating of 93 gallons, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water whenever needed. The Marey GA20CSANG water heater combines efficiency, durability, and convenience to provide a reliable hot water solution for your residential needs.