Marey GA5FNG

Marey GA5FNG

The Marey GA5FNG water heater is a natural gas-powered unit designed for residential usage. With a 40-gallon capacity and a sleek white color, this water heater can fit seamlessly into any indoor installation. Weighing just 10.15 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

Equipped with a robust 1300 Watts power output, this water heater can deliver hot water in the temperature range of 98 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It can withstand a maximum water pressure of 151 psi and requires a minimum water pressure of 16 PSI to operate efficiently.

Made of durable steel, the Marey GA5FNG water heater ensures longevity and reliability. It has a flow rate of 1.32 gallons per minute, providing a continuous supply of hot water. The water heater is ignited by 2 D batteries, ensuring a hassle-free startup.

Featuring a convenient bottom water connection location, the water heater allows for easy installation and maintenance. It has a 1/2-inch water connection size and a 3/4-inch water connection, making it compatible with standard plumbing systems. The gas connection is also 1/2 inch in size.

With its rectangular shape and maximum temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit, this tankless water heater is compact and space-saving. It has an impressive first hour rating of 93 gallons, ensuring an ample supply of hot water for your household needs.

Overall, the Marey GA5FNG water heater is a reliable and energy-efficient choice for providing hot water in residential settings.