Maxwell Water Heaters


One of the most innovative technological companies in the world Pedrollo Inc. is an owner of the Maxwell water heaters brand, along with so many others under its business umbrella:

  • • BGFlow;
  • • Itap;
  • • HCP;
  • • Superior Pump;
  • • Saci Pumps;
  • • Panelli;
  • • CityPumps;
  • • Energy;
  • • Linz Electric;
  • • TechnologY;
  • • Great Elettronica.

That’s in addition to, certainly, the Pedrollo brand itself. The company was founded in 1974 in Italy. Its growth was a combination of an organic process plus acquisitions and mergers. Today, its 12 branches are located in multiple countries and, in addition to water heaters, sell their other products to over 160 countries in the world, employing in total over 1,300 people, having an annual operation revenue of over 0.4 billion Euros.

PEDROLLO GROUP Srl (also known as PEDROLLO S.p.A.) was founded by an Italian dreamer and aspiring entrepreneur Silvano Pedrollo, who was obviously not a too humble man since the entire corporation carries his name.

Maxwell water heaters are represented in the catalog with tank-based models of heaters, which have capacities from 20 to 50 liters.