Reliance Water Heaters


Reliance offers the market one unique feature, which ought to save a lot of maintenance costs over the years of water heaters’ lifespan: the self-cleaning ability of its products. Tank products of the company that are equipped with that feature are offered with a 9-year or 12-year warranty span. Also, tank-based products of Reliance have 40/50 gallons of water capacity. But for those users, who don’t need such large volumes, there are tankless models working on natural gas and propane, which have various rates of water flows, even over 10 GPM. Other features of water heaters by Reliance are:

  • • Digital display
  • • Remote control function
  • • A choice between the condensing and non-condensing technologies
  • • Extended warranty (up to 15 years)
  • • Indoor or outdoor installation options
  • • Various levels of efficiency.

All commercial and residential users are able to select a proper model suitable for their needs from a large model line, which comprises dozens of models. Reliance is an American brand of water heaters, which belongs to the A. O. Smith Corporation (est. in 1874), which has 27 manufacturing facilities for water heaters and other appliances all over the world.

Models List