Rinnai Water Heaters


American offices of Rinnai are located in Nevada and Georgia. Rinnai came to the US market in 1974, in the first decade of its active global expansion from a regional manufacturer in Japan. The company that was founded in 1920 today employs over 10.5 thousand men and women and is traded on several stock markets, including NSE and TYO.

In addition to manufacturing water heaters of various makes, it also produces gas appliances, furnaces, clothes dryers, rice cookers, fryers, grillers, and salamanders. The products are made for both homeowners and professionals.

In the home heating in general, the company provides boilers of condensing type, direct vent furnaces, hydronic air handlers, and vent-free fan convectors. In the sector of water heaters, the company produces only tankless options, believing them to be a more rational option than tank-based models. These are condensing, non-condensing, and hybrid systems, as well as accessories. What’s great about Rinnai products in hot water heating is that they can be managed via a mobile app, which significantly adds to the convenience and safety of running a house.

Continuum Series

Infinity Series

Integrity Series

Sensei Series

Ultra Series

VA Series