Takagi Water Heaters


More and more manufacturers of hot water heaters in the world prefer a tankless method of water heating. Not only does it save space during the installation and usage but it is also cheaper and more reliable in exploitation (although in most cases it requires gas to work, not electricity). It can as well be installed both in the places of water use and for entire residential houses and commercial buildings. Takagi as a company that produces water heaters also offers tankless options that have:

  • • flow rate up to 10 GPM and over;
  • • over 300,000 BTU number;
  • • great extended warranty up to 15 years;
  • • condensing and non-condensing technologies;
  • • low and ultra-low emissions;
  • • fueled by natural gas and propane;
  • • indoor and outdoor models;
  • • all ranges of weights, from high-power models with 75 lbs and over, down to compact devices that can weigh below 50 lbs.

Another insanely helpful and useful technology that allows Takagi to stand out is the scale prevention technology for condensing hot water heaters. It makes it possible to never descale the appliances throughout the warranty life span of 15 years.

Models List