Tiny Titan Water Heaters

Tiny Titan

Tiny Titan is a rare find today on the market of water heaters because it is a discontinued brand of the American Water Heaters company (although maintenance, service, and repairs are still made for those models in use). Tiny Titan models were primarily sold across the US, not delivered to other countries (with minor exclusions).

All models of these water heaters are with tanks. They started at 2.5 gallons of volume, continued through 6, 12, and 19, and ended at 20 gallons. They work on the electricity, consuming from 1650 W to 4500 W, delivering hot water that is heated up to 90 °C. All these models were residential, for points of use, not being able to heat the premises or be installed for several points of use at once. They were optimal for small houses and apartments (hence, the marketable name of the brand). The feature of the appearance of models was a ceramic coating of the outer hull, unlike the plastic or metallic hulls of most modern water heaters.

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