Titan Water Heaters


Titan water heaters have been produced since 1985, in the production facilities located in Miami, Florida, US. At first, there was no Titan brand — all products were sold as Niagara tankless water heaters. The name ‘Titan’ came after rebranding in 1991, when a then-small company decided to expand and come to broader markets, which included not only the US but also Europe. Titan was at that time (and still remains) a tankless water heater, which was the main focus of the company throughout the years. The number of models of Titan hot water heaters changed over time (from 1 to 5 and to 7 in the 1990s), basically, to differentiate them in power. Today, the company manufactures 12 models, all of which are equipped with automated electronic control of water flow and temperature. These models have variations in power ranging from 3.2 kW to 27 kW, which makes it possible to select them for various climates (from mild to cold) and for a different number of output volumes of water flow.

SCR3 Series