Weil-McLain Water Heaters


The line of water heaters by Weil-McLain is divided into commercial and residential ones. They are powered by oil, gas, or combined, and can be water and steam models. Tens of models work with water or steam heat medium and are manufactured in various sizes to exactly fit the needs of users that have all sorts of ranges of free spaces to install hot water heaters inside their premises. That’s why water heaters can be floor-standing or wall-mounted. The AFUE rating (factual efficacy) of the models is within the range of 83-97%.

All models of Weil-McLain are based on tanks. That’s because the company wants to make them a more versatile solution, where water does not have a stable flow and hence, tankless models cannot be considered efficient or safe to heat the interrupted water flow. So, if you live in one of such harsh water conditions locations, then tank-based solutions of Weil-McLain are exactly your choice. Another feature of the convenience of products by Weil-McLain is little to no annual technical maintenance, which significantly eases and cheapens the utilization of such water heaters.