The AO Smith GPVX75LLP water heater is a high-quality and reliable option for residential use. With a capacity of 75 gallons, this liquid propane heater offers ample storage for hot water. The sleek grey color adds a touch of modernity to any indoor installation.

Weighing 300.00 lbs, this water heater is built to last and constructed from durable stainless steel. It has a temperature range of 85 F to 140 F, allowing you to customize your water temperature to your liking.

With a maximum water pressure of 150 PSI and a minimum pressure of 15 PSI, this water heater delivers consistent performance. The electronic ignition type ensures easy and efficient operation, while the bottom water connection location offers convenience during installation.

Featuring a 1/2 inch water connection size and a 3/4" water connection, this water heater is compatible with most plumbing systems. The gas connection is also 1/2" in size.

Its rectangle shape and 67 gallons first hour rating make it a space-saving option for residential use. With a maximum flow rate of 8 GPM, this water heater is capable of meeting the hot water demands of a medium-sized household.

The digital controls provide a user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily adjust and monitor the water temperature. Moreover, this water heater is Energy Star certified, ensuring energy efficiency and helping you save on utility bills.

Overall, the AO Smith GPVX75LLP water heater combines durability, reliability, and convenience to provide a top-notch hot water solution for your home.