Bosch US7 Tronic 3000C Pro

Bosch US7 Tronic 3000C Pro

The Bosch US7 water heater is an electric, 42-gallon capacity unit that comes in a sleek grey color. With a weight of 5.00 lbs, it is designed for indoor installation in residential settings. Made of stainless steel, this water heater can withstand high water pressures, with a maximum of 150 PSI and a minimum of 15 PSI. It operates within a temperature range of 85 F to 140 F, providing hot water for various household activities.

With a 1.4 gallons per minute flow rate with a temperature rise of 45 F and a 3.1 gallons per minute flow rate with a temperature rise of 77 F, the Bosch US7 ensures a quick and consistent supply of hot water. Its electronic ignition system adds convenience and reliability to the unit.

Featuring a bottom water connection location and a 1/2 inch water connection size, installation is made easy. It also has a 3/4 inch water connection and gas connection for efficient operation. The rectangle shape of the water heater allows for flexible placement in different spaces.

The Bosch US7 has a first hour rating of 67 gallons and a maximum flow rate of 8 gallons per minute, meeting the hot water demands of a household. The digital controls provide precise temperature adjustment and monitoring.

This tankless water heater is Energy Star certified, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings. With its high-quality construction and advanced features, the Bosch US7 water heater is a reliable and efficient choice for residential hot water needs.