General Electric Water Heaters


GE’s water heaters are universal. They are manufactured for homeowners and commercial clients, and they can work on electricity, gas, and solar energy. In addition to tank models, there are also tankless ones. By size, it’s possible to find large (for enterprises, companies, hotels, and homes) and small (installed at the point of use). By configuration, hot water heaters by GE can be tall, short, space-saving, and lowboy (short-heightened with small legs and with a wider diameter). By voltage, models of water heaters by GE are made only in two options: 120 V and 240 V. Among other advantages of hot water heaters by GE, we can mention built-in Wi-Fi to control the device and receive information about its functioning on a mobile phone via an app (or remote controller), a vacation mode (for lower energy consumption when people are out of home), and compliance with ADA.

As for the GE company itself, it is one of the oldest and largest in the world, covering the manufacturing of everything connected to electric appliances, machines, devices, gadgets, units, pieces, etc. In fact, it is harder to tell what GE does not manufacture. Famous inventor Thomas Edison was one of the fathers of the company back in 1892.

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