Ruud Water Heaters


Ruud instantaneous water heaters were always award-winning state-of-the-art products that enchanted people starting from the early 1900s. Thus, for instance, for his inventions of water heaters, Edwin Ruud, the company founder, owner, and president, received the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Gold Medal in 1904 and Edward Longstreth Medal of Merit in 1905, amongst other notable recognitions.

Edwin Ruud, after studying for an engineer in Norway, where he was born in 1854, moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1880s to work for another great engineer and inventor of that time, American George Westinghouse. After patenting several inventions for the company he then worked for, in the late 1890s, he decided to start his own company to focus on manufacturing water heaters, which were made of cast iron and were exceptionally sturdy and reliable. In the 1930s, the Ruud Company expanded to other appliances and HVAC equipment. Today, Ruud is the owner of 13 patents.

In 1959, Rheem acquired the Ruud Company, after which it kept its brand and expanded it. Together with its mother company, Ruud water heaters are manufactured in 5 countries (13 factories in total), and the products are sold across the entire world.

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