Marey Water Heaters


Water heaters by Marey work on electricity, liquid propane, and natural gas. Their cost is absolutely within the market: from 200 to 1,000 dollars apiece, depending on the size and power (with the biggest part of the models lying in the range of under 500 dollars). It is possible to find a suitable product for an entire house (indoor and outdoor) and for points of use (there are models for just one outlet or for several outlets at once, for instance, only for sink or for a sink + shower). What’s great about the Marey manufacturer is that it is also possible, in addition to new pieces, to buy refurbished units to save money. Their cost is significantly cheaper and starts with only 80 dollars apiece.

The name of the company (Marey) is a conjunction of the first letters of the name and surname of its founder Mariano Reyes, who is a Puerto Rican entrepreneur. He is focused on producing affordable models of water heaters for families with all incomes, even the lowest, to make sure everyone is entitled to bringing in quality to their lives.